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Glasshouse Mountains

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Glasshouse Mountains

Mountain climbing is always an adventure! Here I am sitting 253 metres up at the top of Mount Ngungun overlooking the rest of the Glass House Mountains and the Queensland landscape.

Mount Ngungun selfie

Selfie from the top of Mount Ngungun…



The Glasshouse Mountains are found north of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The region was named by Lieutenant James Cook during his voyage along the East Coast of Australia in 1770. He dubbed them the Glass House Mountains as they resembled a glass furnaces from his home county of Yorkshire, England due to their unique elevation. It’s believed the mountain range first formed around 26 million years ago as molten lava cooled in the cores of volcanoes.





There are eleven stunning peaks that make up the historic Glasshouse Mountains:

1 – Mount Beerburrum – 278 metres high.
2 – Mount Beerwah – 556 metres high.
3 – Mount Coochin – 235 metres high.
4 – Mount Coonowrin (Crookneck) – 377 metres high.
5 – Mount Elimbah (The Saddleback) – 129 metres high.
6 – Mount Ngungun – 253 metres high.
7 – Mount Tibberoowuccum – 220 metres high.
8 – Mount Tibrogargan – 364 metres high.
9 – Mount Tunbubudla (The Twins) – 312 metres high and 293 metres high.
10 – Wild Horse Mountain (Round Mountain) – 123 metres high.
11 – Mount Miketeebumulgrai – 199 metres high



Mount Coonowrin…



The view of the Glasshouse Mountains from the Glasshouse look out point…

The Mountains are a series of steep-sided volcanic plugs which dominate the landscape. According to the geosciences, they were formed of rhylite and trachtyte, lavas which hardened inside the vents of tertiary volcanoes that have been greatly reduced by  years of erosion.

The mountains were a special meeting place for Aboriginal people who gathered there for ceremonies and trading. Today, this range is still home to these ceremonial sites today and is seen as spiritually significant.




During my time in the area, I managed to climb Mount Ngungun. It’s a pleasureful walk to the summit! Locals use is as a good place to go for a run! It takes about half an hour to reach the top depending on how fit you are, but when you do reach the top the views are incredible, especially when the sun is rising or setting!

So if your ever in Queensland and want a physical but fun adventurous activity to do, then visiting the Glasshouse Mountains and giving one a climb is something that I would certainly recommend!

Mount Ngun Ngun Sun Set

Sunset from the top of Mount Ngungun…