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Point Cartwright

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Point Cartwright

For the first four months of 2015 I lived in Australia. During that time, I spent around 11 weeks living in Queensland with some good family friends of mine. Now, you’ve already seen some of the amazing heights I reached down under, but sitting on top of a mountain wasn’t the only place to catch the best of Australia’s stunning sunsets…

The country is home to some of the nicest beaches in the world, with Queensland in particular being home to a decent number of them. One such stretch is the Sunshine Coast, which is home to Point Cartwright!


The first view of the beach as you emerge from the path leading up to it…

What Is Point Cartwright?

It’s the point that’s home to the areas lighthouse! You always find ships coming in and out of the Port of Brisbane down this strip of coast and the lighthouse is there to signal them.

It’s Historical
Originally, the Caloundra Lighthouse, was used from 1896 to 1979 to flash its welcome signal to mariners approaching the Port. However, as the town developed a new lighthouse was needed. That’s when the Commonwealth Government established the Point Cartwright lighthouse in 1979.

Where Exactly Is It?!

Just under 40 kilometres from the Glasshouse Mountains (subject of my first adventure blog). It is located at the very northern end of Kuwana Beach and is perfect if you’re looking for spectacular views of everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer!



The view from the hill as the sun started to set…


Don’t Just Look, Explore!


The surf at Point Cartwright…

Even though it is a cracking scenic point, you need to wander around and explore the area and it’s different regions! First, there’s the beach itself with it’s soft golden sand that tickle the gaps between your feet as it fills them. In the evening when the sand has cooled from the summer heat, there aren’t many nicer feelings your feet can experience then walking along a beach, especially down under!

The surf is great and the Point is a popular surfing spot, however it is un-patrolled so with the rocks and potential of Sharks, it is surf at your own risk!

After a wander in the sand, the beach leads you onto some of the points wonderful rock formations, perfect for getting photos looking back down Kuwana beach as the sunsets.



Point Cartwright Selfie!

Once you’ve had enough fun on the beach, you can then stroll up the grass filled hill that leads to the light house. This area is awesome for family picnics during the day and star gazing at night!


The stars starting to appear…



The sunset from the top of the hill…










On the evening that my friends and I decided to take a stroll the sky was alive with shades of pink as the sun set of the southern hemisphere. Then, as we moved off of the beach and onto the hill on which the Point Cartwright lighthouse is located which overlooks Mooloolaba, the stars slowly started to pop into the sky as night took over from day, leaving us with a breathtaking view in all directions!


The view of the sunset looking back down the beach from the rocks…

Everything In One Place!

Point Cartwright isn’t just a place to watch the sunset, there is something for everyone to do in this one place! It’s a multifunctional beauty, and here’s just a few of the things it offers:

Whale watching

You can watch all of the ships coming in and out of the Port of Brisbane

Views of the town of Mooloolaba


Great for the those who love running

Family days out

History – The Lighthouse

Dog Walking – On and off the lead!


Day slowly turning to night as I walk along the beach...

Day slowly turning to night as I walk along the beach…

A wonderful vantage point that all can enjoy! And the one thing I especially thought throughout the evening I spent there was that it is are without a doubt one of the most peaceful walks you can experience when in Queensland to take in just how beautiful Australia is!


Night taking over from day at Point Cartwright...

Night taking over from day at Point Cartwright…